The Professional Bar Attendant - 4th Edition

The Professional Bar Attendant - 4th Edition
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Looking for a bar job - this is the book for you

Bar attendants all over Australia have a common goal - getting to know new products, and being able to present and serve them to suit the customers' needs. Just when it seems safe to relax with the product knowledge gathered, along comes an entirely different range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

In writing The Professional Bar Attendant, we were very conscious of our obligation to inform you about responsible service of alcohol and more importantly, to indicate when to stop serving. As Australian society changes, we have to adapt to those changes too - that is only professional. Australians are drinking less and enjoying it more. The ability to make a good espresso coffee is now a big part of a bar attendants job.

As the profile of our wines and wine makers increases in the international arena, we at home can be very proud of the products that have set these standards. We must back up this reputation for quality products by the service we give in the bars and restaurants of Australia if we are to impress our local customers and the steadily increasing number of tourists visiting our country.

It is our service techniques and attitudes that make us unique – we have our own way of service and this book reinforces that "Australian way".

Just as the industry conditions and liquor laws have changed, so have the places in which you work. Adaptability is one of the most essential attributes a bar attendant can have, along with a pair of speedy hands and a welcoming smile. When that adaptability is supported by being kept up to date with the changes in the industry, new bars or service places will not faze the professional bar attendant.

The Professional Bar Attendant in plain English, with many step by step photographs. Please enjoy!

What Industry Leaders Say About This Book

Jeffery Puckeridge and Peter Howard have had many years of varied industry experience and this new edition of "The Professional Bar Attendant" is an indispensible text for all bar staff who plan a career in the ever growing industry of hospitality....

John Thorpe, Former President Australian Hotels Association (NSW)

"The books are well written and easy to follow. A person with no industry knowledge could read them and obtain a solid basic knowledge of bar and waiting skills. The photos and diagrams are excellent. In an industry where hands on skills are so vital, it is often difficult to follow and grasp concepts without comprehensive illustrations which these books provide."

Nick Sherry, Former State Secretary, Liquor and Allied Industries Employees Union

The Professional Bar Attendant, 4th Edition, ISBN 0957703465
Supports the following national units of competence from the SIT12 Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package:

SITHFAB101  Clean and tidy bar areas
SITHFAB202  Operate a bar
SITHFAB307  Provide table service of food & beverage
SITHFAB301  Operate and monitor cellar systems
SITHFAB201  Provide responsible service of alcohol

SITHFAB203  Prepare & serve non-alcoholic beverages
SITHFAB204  Prepare and serve espresso coffee
SITHFAB303   Prepare and serve cocktails
SITHFAB304 Provide advice on beers, spirits & liqueurs

SITHFAB305 Provide advice on Australian wines


Bar attendant’s duties
Grooming & uniform
Job seeking skills
Bar preparation
Beer types & service
Cellar operations
Bulk beverage dispensing
Cellar safety
Stock control
Espresso Coffee
Wine types & styles
Wine service
Australian wine regions
Spirits & liqueurs
Production processes
Non-alcoholic beverages
Cocktails &mixed drinks
Stirred, shaken, blended
Selling skills
Customer service
Legal Responsibilities
Cash handling
Dealing with people
Customer service
Complaint handling
Glossary of terms