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Welcome to my first Blog report

Hospitality Books started in 1987.  We are a small company and pride ourselves on personalised service and prompt delivery.  The last five years have seen rapid change with increased demand for quality food, wine and better levels of service.  At the front of this development has been the emergence of a distinctively "Australian way" of service.

In late 1987, Peter Howard and Jeffery Puckeridge published the first ever handbook for Australian waiters, The Professional Waiter. The Professional Bar Attendant followed the next year. The books, written over a two-year period, were based on national research on the need and demand for F&B texts to be written for Australian conditions. This research, which surveyed industry, TAFE and private colleges throughout Australia, was conducted by the authors as part of their completion of Bachelor of Education degrees. All up, a four-year project. Both books are now in fourth editions and have become benchmark Food & Beverage Service textbooks and bestsellers in all areas of hospitality industry training.

The Professional Waiter and The Professional Bar Attendant have been used by TAFE colleges in, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia since the first editions in1987.

The Australian Wine Guide was first published in 1999 and a fourth edition is now available.  

Hospitality Core Units was first published in 2001 and has been very well received in all sectors and adopted nation wide by secondary schools offering hospitality courses. A second edition was published in June 2004 and the full colour third edition published in January 2010.

Our texts are now considered essential educational resources for hospitality industry training at all levels.


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