Food and Beverage Service - eBook will be available LATE 2019 (mock-up cover)

Food and Beverage Service - eBook will be available LATE 2019 (mock-up cover)
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A new E book called Food and Beverage Service will combine the best of the Professional Waiter and Bar Attendant into one volume.

It's time to rework and rewrite the 4th edition of The Professional Bar Attendant with the 4th edition of The Professional Waiter into a text for the modern Australian F&B attendant. When updated and combined, we know these books will offer the very best information and the latest techniques that can be had in this ever-changing field of professional service in the hospitality industry.

It is being rewritten by Jeff Puckeridge and Brigitte Collins and will be available late 2019.

Brigitte Collins

Brigitte Collins gained her hotel management qualification in Sydney and her career spans over 25 years in Hospitality and training, ranging from operative to management roles including room service attendant, waiter, international flight attendant, restaurant supervisor and restaurant manager.

Brigitte works as a senior teacher and relieving head teacher in Food and Beverage and Events at Ryde College. She has been involved with World Skills Australia since 1997 and was Chief Judge of the "Olympic Games" for student waiters, which is staged every two years at a different international location.

Brigitte has provided training and advice to Brazil (Senac) and Singapore(ITE) for International standards in Restaurant Service on behalf of WorldSkills Australia.

Brigitte has coached students to achieve a World Skills Silver medal in 2011, a Gold medal in 2009, Medallion of Excellence 2007, Bronze medal 2005 and Silver medal 2003. 


F&B Attendants's duties
Grooming & uniform
Job description
Job seeking skills
Food service styles
Restaurant and bar preparation
Equipment, Linen & tableware
Napkin folding
Service procedures
Greeting & seating
Order taking/selling
Sequence of service
How to hold plates
Silver service
Gueridon service
Wine & beverage service
Wine types & styles
Beer types & service
Cellar operations

Bulk beverage dispensing
Cellar safety
Stock control
Responsible service of alcohol
Spirits & liqueurs
Production processes
Non-alcoholic beverages
Cocktails &mixed drinks
Stirred, shaken, blended
Selling skills
Customer service
Espresso Coffee
Menu types
Menu/dish knowledge
Covers & accompaniments
Dealing with people
Customer service
Special needs
Body language
Telephone techniques
Complaint handling
Glossary of terms